San Juan Ixcoy: lucha y amor indígena

We made loads of friends in Pueblo Nuevo. We got along with our students, with the family that hosted us, with the families that fed us… But there was one person who not only helped us around as much as he could but also changed the way we were starting to see teachers in Guatemala. … Continue reading San Juan Ixcoy: lucha y amor indígena

Exploring Huehuetenango

When we got to Huehue we knew one thing: we had a place to stay overnight thanks to Couchsurfing. That was all. We didn’t know how much time we’d stay there or what we would see around there. We had actually just come as a step towards the border, as we needed to stamp our … Continue reading Exploring Huehuetenango

El Caribe Hondureño y los Garífunas

‘Honduras es muy peligroso’, decían. ‘Os van a secuestrar las maras’, nos advertían. ‘Encantado de haberos conocido’, se despidieron. ¿Sabéis cuál fue el gran error que estas personas cometieron al hacer tales afirmaciones? No habían visitado Honduras. Honduras is extremely dangerous’, they said. ‘You’ll get kidnapped by a mara’, they said. ‘It was nice meeting … Continue reading El Caribe Hondureño y los Garífunas

Jolobob: Days with a Maya Family

Una de mis cosas favoritas de trabajar en una escuela son los continuos abrazos. Yo creo que será por su edad, o por nuestra actitud, o quién sabe, la cuestión es que a los niños les encanta abrazar a los voluntarios. Qué poco me costó acostumbrarme a tener siempre un brazo encima de los hombros … Continue reading Jolobob: Days with a Maya Family

Palenque, más que un lugar de paso

We already wrote about how our school works: the kids are there for two weeks of intensive studies (that's what we call a "plan") and then work at their homes for another two weeks. March had the longest plan, it was 3 weeks long because otherwise Easter would catch the kids at school, so we … Continue reading Palenque, más que un lugar de paso

Semana Santa en Centro América

Acostumbrado a vivir la Semana Santa en uno de los lugares donde se celebra con más pasión, encontrarme en un país como Guatemala durante estos días fue perfecto para analizar cómo esa devoción y entrega, tan típicas de la Semana Santa andaluza, fueron traspasadas a la América Colonial. Used as I am to living Easter … Continue reading Semana Santa en Centro América

Our Magical Mexican Day

It started just like every other day in Tulum. Waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast, talking to people. The only difference was us packing our bags, as we knew we had to keep heading south if we wanted to get to Guatemala in time. Our plan was to arrive at Chetumal, by the border, where we … Continue reading Our Magical Mexican Day