The Two Waddling Human Beings

Hi there, it’s so nice to have you here!

If you have taken a look at our blog, you might have an idea of the kind of people we are, but in case you haven’t, we can help you form one:

Samu was born in Madrid and he’s always been interested in pretty much everything. He likes writing poems, he plays loads of music instruments and if you have a question about history or art (or art history) he’s the one you should go to. In our trips, he’s usually the one that will know things about the city or monument or church we’re visiting at the moment and the one that’s actually good at reading maps.

Pretending it was easy to get to the top of Ben More, Scotland

Alba was born in a town near Barcelona and realised, even as a child, that she loved travelling with all her heart. She started when she was quite young and was always looking forward to her next adventures. She is very social and loves meeting new people and talking to them, and that’s why she started learning languages when she was a toddler and she’s still trying to learn new words every day today. For some reason, she gets along quite well with children, and really really enjoys teaching.

A tiny Alba and a comparatively huge Eiffel Tower

It was a coincidence that our paths crossed, and it didn’t seem obvious at the start that we were meant to travel together, but the more we talked to each other, the more sense it made. So we decided, quite recklessly, to try it. Just that. And it worked.

Where did we go? We will be talking about it in our posts so read on, reader! We hope we’ll be hearing from you too!