Our Magical Mexican Day

It started just like every other day in Tulum. Waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast, talking to people. The only difference was us packing our bags, as we knew we had to keep heading south if we wanted to get to Guatemala in time. Our plan was to arrive at Chetumal, by the border, where we … Continue reading Our Magical Mexican Day

Central America: How and Why We Did It

Because this blog is not world famous (yet), not even famous (yet), I think that everyone will know where we are right now. If you don't, however, we're really glad to let you know that we are in a beautiful, amazing country called Guatemala. And I must say that, funnily enough, more people seem to … Continue reading Central America: How and Why We Did It

So it begins!

When you travel something you can't avoid thinking about is sharing. Everything you're learning, all the new experiences you're having, the funny anecdotes, that picture you took getting yourself covered with mud... For us, after several years living abroad and a few months travelling around Europe non stop, it was clearly something we needed. So … Continue reading So it begins!