Un día entre guerrilleras

Una de las cosas más fascinantes en la historia de Centroamérica fue (y es) la rebelión de sus pueblos frente al imperialismo americano. Desde nuestra llegada a Guatemala pusimos muchísimo énfasis en aprender sobre la Guerra Civil que enfrentó al país durante treinta y seis años, y que dejó la friolera de 200000 muertos y … Continue reading Un día entre guerrilleras

Xelajú: revolución e independencia

https://youtu.be/7uyozvl957Y Si había dos cosas que nos quedamos con ganas de hacer en Xela fueron las siguientes: Subir al mirador y salir de fiesta. Two things we hadn't done on our previous visit to Xela and we wanted to do this time around were getting to the famous viewpoint and going out at night. Por … Continue reading Xelajú: revolución e independencia

San Juan Ixcoy: lucha y amor indígena

We made loads of friends in Pueblo Nuevo. We got along with our students, with the family that hosted us, with the families that fed us… But there was one person who not only helped us around as much as he could but also changed the way we were starting to see teachers in Guatemala. … Continue reading San Juan Ixcoy: lucha y amor indígena

Six cool things we did in Pueblo Nuevo

After our little adventure in Huehuetenango and Cobán we were back to work in one of the biggest villages in Ixcán. Most of the villages we had been in so far were really small, no more than a few hundred people, so it made a difference to get to Pueblo Nuevo. The population was around … Continue reading Six cool things we did in Pueblo Nuevo

La tierra de la paz: Cobán, Guatemala

The newspapers had been talking about the upcoming fair in Cobán, Alta Verapaz. We had barely been in that department and I’d heard the town was pretty, so we took it as a chance to stop there for a couple of days and get to know it. Ya hacía días que habíamos leído en algún … Continue reading La tierra de la paz: Cobán, Guatemala

Exploring Huehuetenango

When we got to Huehue we knew one thing: we had a place to stay overnight thanks to Couchsurfing. That was all. We didn’t know how much time we’d stay there or what we would see around there. We had actually just come as a step towards the border, as we needed to stamp our … Continue reading Exploring Huehuetenango

El Caribe Hondureño y los Garífunas

‘Honduras es muy peligroso’, decían. ‘Os van a secuestrar las maras’, nos advertían. ‘Encantado de haberos conocido’, se despidieron. ¿Sabéis cuál fue el gran error que estas personas cometieron al hacer tales afirmaciones? No habían visitado Honduras. Honduras is extremely dangerous’, they said. ‘You’ll get kidnapped by a mara’, they said. ‘It was nice meeting … Continue reading El Caribe Hondureño y los Garífunas

Pacific Coast Saunter

After a couple of days resting with some of the other volunteers, we all decided to try light travel and let fate determine our future, so we packed whatever we thought we were going to need and flew away. We didn't know where we were heading to, but one thing was clear: we weren't going … Continue reading Pacific Coast Saunter

Las Lagunas de Montebello y las ruinas de Chinkultic

After a great day at Cascadas del Chiflón, we were thinking about packing and leaving for Guatemala the very next day at dawn. However, Paulina, who had been working all week, told us she would be free for the weekend and felt like doing something nice with her family. The Montebello lakes seemed like the … Continue reading Las Lagunas de Montebello y las ruinas de Chinkultic

Wonderful Waterfalls in Chiapas II: Agua Azul

We knew that it would be impossible for us to visit Agua Azul ("blue water") before leaving Palenque, because they were too far out of the city and we were running out of time. We said good bye to Ale and headed to the petrol station, where a very special boy we'd met the day … Continue reading Wonderful Waterfalls in Chiapas II: Agua Azul