Un día entre guerrilleras

Una de las cosas más fascinantes en la historia de Centroamérica fue (y es) la rebelión de sus pueblos frente al imperialismo americano. Desde nuestra llegada a Guatemala pusimos muchísimo énfasis en aprender sobre la Guerra Civil que enfrentó al país durante treinta y seis años, y que dejó la friolera de 200000 muertos y … Continue reading Un día entre guerrilleras


The Nicaraguan Pacific: A Turtle Paradise

Hi there! This is a bit of a different post - we will tell you about everything we learnt at the gorgeous beach of La Flor (Nicaragua's Pacific Coast) because we need to share all we know about sea turtles, fascinating animals who endure a life full of dangers and risks; we believe raising awareness … Continue reading The Nicaraguan Pacific: A Turtle Paradise

San Juan Ixcoy: lucha y amor indígena

We made loads of friends in Pueblo Nuevo. We got along with our students, with the family that hosted us, with the families that fed us… But there was one person who not only helped us around as much as he could but also changed the way we were starting to see teachers in Guatemala. … Continue reading San Juan Ixcoy: lucha y amor indígena

Six cool things we did in Pueblo Nuevo

After our little adventure in Huehuetenango and Cobán we were back to work in one of the biggest villages in Ixcán. Most of the villages we had been in so far were really small, no more than a few hundred people, so it made a difference to get to Pueblo Nuevo. The population was around … Continue reading Six cool things we did in Pueblo Nuevo

Pantalones rojos

En un valle en medio de la sierra de los Cuchumatanes, también conocidos como los Andes centroamericanos, nos encontramos con el curioso pueblo de Todos Santos Cuchumatán, que fue fundado como encomienda en 1528 y se sitúa a 2500m de altitud. On a valley in the middle of the Cuchumatanes, the Central American Andes, one … Continue reading Pantalones rojos

La tierra de la paz: Cobán, Guatemala

The newspapers had been talking about the upcoming fair in Cobán, Alta Verapaz. We had barely been in that department and I’d heard the town was pretty, so we took it as a chance to stop there for a couple of days and get to know it. Ya hacía días que habíamos leído en algún … Continue reading La tierra de la paz: Cobán, Guatemala