Exploring Huehuetenango

When we got to Huehue we knew one thing: we had a place to stay overnight thanks to Couchsurfing. That was all. We didn’t know how much time we’d stay there or what we would see around there. We had actually just come as a step towards the border, as we needed to stamp our … Continue reading Exploring Huehuetenango

Our Magical Mexican Day

It started just like every other day in Tulum. Waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast, talking to people. The only difference was us packing our bags, as we knew we had to keep heading south if we wanted to get to Guatemala in time. Our plan was to arrive at Chetumal, by the border, where we … Continue reading Our Magical Mexican Day


We decided to spend most of our second day in Mexico visiting Cobá and we did not regret it. To us, it was the first contact with the jungle, and not only that - the first time we got to climb a Mayan pyramid! We loved it so much we had to talk about it... … Continue reading Cobá

Three Days in Tulum (or Our View On The Riviera Maya)

We spent our first days in Mexico in a little town known as Tulum. We had heard about Cancun being nothing but hotels and beach, so we decided to move on straight from the airport getting a bus to Tulum. On the bus we met an American girl named Kathleen who gave us some tips … Continue reading Three Days in Tulum (or Our View On The Riviera Maya)