So it begins!

When you travel something you can’t avoid thinking about is sharing. Everything you’re learning, all the new experiences you’re having, the funny anecdotes, that picture you took getting yourself covered with mud… For us, after several years living abroad and a few months travelling around Europe non stop, it was clearly something we needed.

The end of the world, Portugal

So here we are pushing the boat out! (not really) In this blog we will tell you about how it is to live by a lake that is in the border between Germany and Switzerland, why the South West of England is where you should move if you want to spend some time abroad in England without saying goodbye to the sun, who should you contact if you ever happen to be in Portimão and need someone to take care of you and tell you everything about Fado music or how we got to live on the most breathtaking fjord in Norway.

As you may know, our budget is extremely limited but that just makes everything much more interesting! Travelling with no money means having to be creative on how to eat and sleep, which is a lot of fun! We will be giving you some advice on these subjects, keeping in mind that this is our personal blog and everything we will talk about comes from our experience (and those from people we have met on the road). That means sometimes you will find posts in Catalan, Spanish or even German, but if you have some interest in any of our posts and they are in a language you’re not familiar with, tell us and we will gladly translate it for you.


You can also contact us if you have any questions, if you want to start travelling helping people in exchange of food and accommodation or if you have some recommendations for us (we do need a lot of them).

Finally, you might be wondering about the meaning of our blog’s name. Well, even though we have actually done quite a few things we still consider ourselves noobs. We don’t really know what we’re doing, we just happen to be lucky and, for some reason, people have given us the best opportunities to learn and test our limits. So we still feel like we’re waddling in the wild, trying to find our path not knowing really what to do or where to go, just letting our heart lead us through this world. We are now in the middle of our longest and biggest trip yet, and we would love for you to come with us on this great adventure that will take us to the heart of the Mayan culture.


Welcome to Waddling in the Wild 🙂

PS: If you want to have news from us every now and then just follow us on our Facebook page and we will probably be badgering you loads!

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